eagle i images              © Laurie E. Gunn


Laurie Gunn Photographer


Laurie was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 1952 and has lived her whole life close to the Atlantic Ocean.  Her love for photography started at the age of ten when her parents bought her, her very first camera and she has been taking pictures ever since.  She graduated from university, got married, taught school, and helped raise four children. Her photography has taken her to such places as Italy, France, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Beijing, Mongolia and the Channel Islands,U.K.  She has attended photography workshops and enjoyed the chance to discuss photography with other like minded individuals.  In 2007 she had the privilege of doing a photography show with her good friend and traveling companion, Joy Laking. The show was held in Truro , Nova Scotia at the Marigold Cultural Centre and was called “Here and Away-Seeing the World With Passionate Eyes”.  This was indeed the highlight of her career as a photographer.  Her photography business is called “eagle i images” because when she captures a beautiful or intriguing image, she does feel like she is soaring with the eagles. 

Artist Statement

I have been taking photographs since my parents gave me my first camera about 50 years ago. It was in 1998 that I realized that photography was important to me and it has since become my passion and it has brought me much happiness.  Capturing images has helped me to see the world in a wonderful and captivating way.  It fulfills my need to be creative which in turn contributes greatly to my well being.  In photography I not only want to capture the image but also the feelings that go with the image.